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Art of Freedom Project

The Art of Freedom project was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 2021 with
a group of Indian and Afghan women artists. It is supported by the British Council
and aims to bring young women artists from minority religious, ethnic or racial
groups from conflict spaces together to explore their inherent creativity, voice out
opinions and highlight their journey through the years of conflict or towards

Malika and Sola

When a woman decides to achieve freedom her existence becomes difficult. It’s a wish that she could wear her freedom in pride and exist. – By Lida Afghan


It’s a hope that when all is lost and gone, it’s the memories that remain, We hold onto them hoping to paint the shades of dark into vivid images of what once was – By Wahida Jabarzai

The Afghan in Space

This is a drawing of an Afghan girl who hopes to be in space someday and reach heights that have been deemed impossible for Afghan women. – By Zolai Sultan

The Body of War

As an Afghan, we have grown up wishing for peace and freedom. When the war embraces you, it can leave traces of it on your body, your hands, your eyes and your being – By Hayede Jamshidi

Let the Girl Read

It is every Afghan girl’s dream to go to school and dream of a future. Even though there are hurdles to their dream, they haven’t stopped dreaming – By Malala Mehraban

Hooded Reality

As an Afghan woman I grew up with restrictions and burdens. This artwork reflects the force men put on women to wear Hijab so that they won’t sin. But why should women cover themselves up? By Mursal Roshna